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Slammiversary XII: Preview

June 14, 2014 by Travis Felt

With a few personal issues distracting me from my typical wrestling watching habits, I had gone a few months without watching TNA, so there were a few surprises waiting for me when I finally got back into it: some good, some not as good. We’ll try to hit a few of these as we look […]

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A Return to Parts Unknown

April 09, 2014 by Travis Felt

This post was made in collaboration with BSWrestling and will be featured in their upcoming podcast airing tomorrow. The hardest part about being a wrestling fan is the seemingly constant reaffirmation of the mortality of our heroes. There is rarely any closure, just a series of blank pages in the middle of a chapter, as […]

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Wrestlemania XXX: Torch-Passing

April 07, 2014 by Travis Felt

Well, there were a few surprises last night, but none that anybody expected (though, I guess that’s a strange way to put it considering the nature of surprises.)  Sting rumors came and went as they have nearly every year for the past decade, and it seems the fans can chant C.M. Punk randomly during unrelated […]

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Wrestlemania XXX: Preview and Predictions

April 06, 2014 by Travis Felt

Wrestlemania 30! Not just any Wrestlemania, but the Triple X of Wrestlemanias!!! This has to be one of the most memorable Manias of all time!!! Honestly, and all unnecessary exclamation marks aside, the card is pretty grim. It seems the WWe has decided to put the entire show– the whole shebang– on the shoulders of […]

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A Worker is Always Working

January 11, 2014 by Travis Felt

Hulk Hogan seems to have some downtime after leaving TNA. So Santa with Muscles decided to shoot a video demonstrating his support of the New England Patriots in what appears to be his lovely restaurant, Hogan’s Beach, located on the pristine beach of Scientology City (atmosphere is very nice if you don’t mind paying a […]

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TNA: Are The Critics Right?

November 25, 2013 by Travis Felt

As may be apparent for those of you who read my articles, nothing frustrates me more as a wrestling fan than the proudly worn ignorance of other wrestling fans. I can get over the shameless racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia to some extent because, frankly and unfortunately, most wrestling fans really aren’t too dissimilar to […]

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How Meta is Too Meta? Pt. 1

September 08, 2013 by Travis Felt

I suppose the first thing to do would be to explain what “meta” means. “Meta-” is a Greek prefix that is similar to the Latin prefix “post-” to mean something “after” or “beyond”. For us English speakers, as is our wont, the term has become a bit hazy with the natural ambiguities and inconsistencies of […]

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Summerslam: Results, Afterthoughts, and Aftermath

August 24, 2013 by Travis Felt

The two-month old tradition of enjoying wrestling PPVs at the WingHouse is likely dead in the water. The term ‘queso’ is a Spanish word that has been Americanized to mean “an at least somewhat cheese-like substance.” This was not queso. If there’s a metaphor in there, I’m too sober to make it. But we’re going […]

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Summerslam: Preview and Predictions

August 18, 2013 by Travis Felt

Summerslam is commonly considered one of the “big four” WWe pay-per-view events, which also includes Wrestlemania, Survivor Series, and Royal Rumble. Considering the propensity towards pomp and circumstance, celebrity involvement, and matches starring aged, former superstars that Wrestlemania entails and the inherent gimmickry of Survivor Series and Royal Rumble, one can make a very strong […]

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Darren Young: A Man’s Man

August 16, 2013 by Travis Felt

I want to specify that I don’t mean this article title to seem facetious. Attention getting? Yes. But when I think of a man’s man, a real man’s man, I think of a man who tells it like it is, a man who answers a question no matter how difficult and with no regard with […]

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